U.S. Military Academy
Official Portraits

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Cadet Portraits

Photos will be taken at Eisenhower Hall on the 6th Floor. Specific times are listed below.

Legacy Studios will be photographing West Point cadets on our high quality green screen backdrop. Cadets should arrive in Full Dress- white pants, white sash, maroon belt, with tar bucket, saber, pins, & class ring. This is your Cadet’s story – polished by the Academy, immortalized by Legacy. Schedule your Showcase Sitting today.

◊ COVID-19 Safety Response ◊

Safety is our greatest concern. Legacy is ensuring photos can be taken in a safe environment, by implementing these policies:

  • Social Distancing of 6ft or more
  • No-Contact photography process
  • Masks worn by photographers

Tuesday, 11/2 (Election Day):  1500-2000 (3pm to 8pm) 
Saturday, 11/6: 0900-1700 hrs (9am to 5pm)
Thursday, 11/11 (Veteran’s Day):  0900-1500 hrs (9am to 3pm)
Friday, 11/12:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Monday, 11/15:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Tuesday, 11/16: 1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Wednesday, 11/17:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Friday, 11/19:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Saturday, 11/20:  0900-1700 hrs (9am to 5pm)
Monday, 11/22:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Tuesday, 11/23:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Monday, 11/29:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Tuesday, 11/30:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Wednesday, 12/1:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Friday, 12/3:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)
Saturday, 12/4:   0900-1300 hrs (9am to 1pm)
Monday, 12/6:  1500-2000 hrs (3pm to 8pm)


Photos for all budgets and needs

Legacy Studios will send you printed proofs by mail to your home address 7 to 10 days after your portraits are taken. We offer high quality, printed photographs of one or more poses with various printed and digital only package options.

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Graduation Video

The full digital download of this years USMA Graduation Ceremony are now available for
purchase. Visit your personal gallery to place your order.

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Distinctive gifts for Military Academy graduates

  • Signature bordered prints with school name and year of graduation
  • Larger size photos and professionally matted photos with optional framing
  • Hardcover image folio to showcase your photos
  • Custom, handmade keepsake box to preserve remembrances and souvenirs
  • Personal graduation announcements with envelopes to send to your friends and family in honor of the event

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Convenient ordering

Place your order in one of two convenient ways with Legacy Studios:

Legacy Studios is very proud to have been selected to photograph the US Military Academy cadets. Founded in 2008, Legacy Studios prides itself on the finest portraits and the highest customer service.




Legacy Studios photographers take photos of you in a variety of poses, so you and your family have several options to choose from. After the photo session, we mail to your home address an image proof, with a code to access your personal photo gallery and to make online purchases.

Legacy Studios mails to your home address a printed proof 7 to 10 days after your photo shoot. You can view digital proofs and order your photos online with the code included on your proof as soon as you receive it.

There are two ways to place an order: Call our Customer Care Department at 1-844-560-5670 Monday to Thursday 9AM to 5PM ET or order online using the code on your proof sheet.

  1. Visit our Buy Pictures page.
  2. In the search field, enter the code listed on your proof.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. To view a larger version of an image, click on the thumbnail image.
  5. Click the Buy button to order any package option or image.

Email us at customercare@legacystudios.com with the cadet’s full name. USMA and our Customer Care department will retrieve and send your password via email.

Digital Download is a package option that includes the digital version of your portraits with copyright permission to share or print the photographs. When you purchase a Digital Download package, Legacy Studios sends you a link to the email address you provided at checkout. When you visit the link, you can download your images directly to your computer. The copyright attached to the email gives you ownership of your photos.

Orders take 4-6 weeks and are delivered via UPS.
Our international shipments are limited to prints that are 8×10 or smaller in size.

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